Mark Cammiss Registered Osteopath

Skegness, Lincolnshire

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Osteopathy recognizes the importance of the link between the structure of the human body and the way it functions. Osteopat

Common presentations to an osteopath include:

    • Low back pain, which may or may not include sciatica.


    • Neck and upper back pain, which may or may not include pain in the shoulder, upper arm, elbow, fore-arm, wrist and hand.


    • Peripheral joint pain, (shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, ankle and foot).


    • Sports injuries, e.g., medial tibial stress syndrome, (shin splints) Achilles Tendinosis, Runners Knee (IT Band Friction Syndrome) etc.


    • Workplace strains/sprains.


    • Arthritic conditions, (degenerative and rheumatoid).


  • Backache associated with pregnancy.
  • Effects of trauma, e.g. Whiplash syndrome.
  • Postural problems.
  • Headaches and sinus problems.
  • Irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Jaw pain.
  • Flat feet

hs focus on the body's skeleton and joint function along with the underlying muscles, soft tissue and internal organs. Osteopaths consider each person as an individual. Utilizing a highly developed sense of touch, they identify problem areas of the body. Using gentle stretching and mobilizing techniques as well as manipulating joints, an osteopath works with the body to create the perfect conditions to facilitate the healing process.

Treatment usually consists of a combination of soft-tissue releasing techniques, and some specific adjustments affecting joints and soft-tissues (muscles, tendons and ligaments). A wide variety of conditions can thus find relief through osteopathy. It also benefits those wishing to enhance their performance and function at their optimum.

Advice is also given on rehabilitation exercise and nutritional guidance.


Osteopathic and Sports Injury Practice

Mark Cammiss Registered Osteopath is located in the Skegness area of Lincolnshire. There are at least 4 other listings in the PE25 postcode area.

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