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300 High Road, Leyton , London , London E10 5PW

02030 961 900






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Shane Morris is an experienced osteopath with a clinics in East London and Essex. He is dedicated to empowering people to take control of their health and overcome pain and injury. He is the author of
'The Back Pain Recovery Plan - Your Step-by-Step Guide to a Healthy Back'.


He is a sought after trainer, consultant and speaker in industry on the subjects of employee welfare, injury prevention and manual handling. 


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Shane Morris is located in the London area of London. There are at least 2 other listings in the E10 postcode area.

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Achieved a PB today, 100 consecutive days of meditation. Every morning when I wake up I do a 10 minute bodyweight workout, followed by a 5 minute meditation. It's not much but small steps taken consistently can bring you a long way. Some of the health benefits of meditation and why I recommend it to many people with pain and injury are: 1. Can help control pain 2. Reduces stress (which can help reduce pain) 3. Controls anxiety (which can help reduce pain) 4. Improves sleep (which can help reduce pain) 5. Can decrease blood pressure If you're interested there are many apps out there that can help. The one I use is called Oak Meditation and is available for free in the app store.
8/22/2019 8:36:02 AM

What is the secret to longevity? How do you increase not only your lifespan but your health-span? A vibrant active 86 year old patient shared her thoughts on the subject with me.
8/20/2019 7:30:00 AM

Is your back pain going to cause a 'weakness'? Read the blog post to learn more.
8/15/2019 10:22:19 AM

Today's blog post is my most important yet. It shares a message that those with injury need to hear. This video was filmed from a 61 year old car on a joureny over 100 miles long. What makes it possible for such an old car to complete such an epic journey is the same thing that makes it possible to achieve great things despite injury.
8/6/2019 7:02:17 AM

If you feel you need to do strengthening work for a back injury here are my top 3 tips: 1. DON'T focus on strength. Focus on coordination and control. 2. Following number 1, use bodyweight exercises as the cornerstone of your regime. 3. Do exercises that use multiple muscle groups at the same time. These are sometimes referred to as 'compound' movements. A squat is a prime example of a compound movement exercise. It provides the leg, buttock and many of the stabilising muscles with a great work out. To make it more difficult increase the number of repetitions. For further challenge, try one legged squats. There are many potential health benefits to weightlifting when done properly but if your intention is to prevent or recover from back injury, start with bodyweight exercises. You don't need incredibly strong muscles for a healthy back, you need coordination and control.
8/5/2019 7:45:43 AM

One of the most important things you can do to overcome back pain / injury is to be active in your recovery. Focus your energy on the things you CAN control such as: 1. Exercises 2. Keeping active 3. Cultivating a support network This is a key theme in my upcoming book 'The Back Pain Recovery Plan - Your Step-by-Step Guide to a Healthy Back', which will be released on Amazon later this month as both a paperback and ebook. For the first three days after its release the ebook will be available to download for FREE. Thanks again to Pelin Ö. Morris, Kevin McCullagh and Gamze Derinöz for their help in making the book a reality.
8/3/2019 6:19:32 AM

A blood splattered sink from gum disease was the jolt I needed to take steps to improve my dental health. I'd stopped having regular check ups after a bad experience. And that is the topic of this week's blog post - being proactive with our health.
7/30/2019 7:29:30 AM

No, I haven't been shot. I'm starting the day with one of my favourite exercises (yes, I have favourites). I believe you should put first things first. As my health is my top priority, I do something constructive for it first thing in the morning. How far down your list of priorities is your health? If you want to test the answer ask yourself how much time passes each day/week before you do something for it.
7/29/2019 10:39:17 AM

Having a purpose and quality nutrition. Definitely two of the most important ingredients for keeping healthy.
7/25/2019 9:47:57 AM

Preparing for setbacks along the road to recovery from back pain can ultimately helps us reach our destination. Here are some steps to take when experiencing a flare up of your back pain: - Take pain medication - Use ice or heat to reduce pain - Have a set of basic exercises (these will need to be reduced intensity from your rehab exercises) - Regular short walks - Keep gently moving - Reassure yourself that flare ups are part of the process and don’t mean you’re back to square one - Have a sympathetic ear who can raise your spirits - Find ways to distract yourself. Click the ink to read the full blog post.
7/22/2019 8:06:45 AM

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